Build Your Projects
Like everything else these days the building process has become more complicated, technical and time consuming.

I'm a full-time professional that makes this complex, overwhelming and stressful process simple for you. What does that mean? You continue "living your life" (as spouse, parent, breadwinner, entrepreneur, home-maker, volunteer, etc.) while I provide a turn-key, worry-free, hassle-free, satisfying experience. The end result... You have your very special custom dream home or project and many happy years of quality and value... And you still have your sanity and your personal, family and business relationships in tact both during and after the process!

A brief outline of that process follows:

  1.     Initially we meet as necessary to:
    •   Evaluate the land
    •   Determine your project requirements
    •   Establish a preliminary budget
  2.     Then I develop building plans, details, specifications, customer selection lists & a site development plan.
  3.     We meet again as necessary to review the plans.
  4.     When the plans are finalized and then approved by you the permit process begins.
  5.     When permits are received the schedule is finalized and construction commences (You are allowed to visit/walk-thru the project at any time as long as it is safe to do so).
  6.     Construction is completed. We do a walk-thru/orientation. You receive your keys and homeowner's manual.

All successful construction projects require regular communication. Depending on your requirements we may communicate daily, weekly or monthly. The frequency and method of communicating is up to you. My objective is for you to be confident and comfortable with the home building process so you are able to continue "living your life!"


Many people have "G-C'd" (general contracted) their own project. Some of them have;

  1.     Run out of money before completion because they've been overcharged or mistakenly assumed items were included that actually weren't.
  2.     Encountered major construction problems due to poor plans, poor workmanship, or unanticipated problems with the land.
  3.     Gone way beyond their anticipated construction completion date and budget.
  4.     Neglected other facets of their life to try to run the project.
  5.     Spent more money than they would have if they hired a professional home builder.

Building a house will probably be your most costly financial endeavor. Building a home is not for the novice. To get a superior product in less time and for probably less money, and to continue "living your life", feel free to contact me.